Discover and Use Your Strengths

When I went to top academy my agents had it backwards. Instead of allowance their acceptance to advance the appropriate cerebration all-important to break a problem, they artlessly encouraged them to accept the appropriate acknowledgment to a problem. Their answer-based rather than thought-based focus of apprenticeship amplified my weaknesses and not my strengths. In turn, my observations of my teachers’ motivations were beneath than welcome.

So, I got out of top academy with the acceptance that I just wasn’t smart. I had no abstraction what do with myself because I had no abstraction what my strengths in actuality were.

After authoritative the best to analyze what I loved, because, well, why the hell not… I abstruse that I had some strengths that never afore seemed like strengths. Ever back this point, my action has been always added fulfilling.

This week’s commodity is adherent to allowance you analyze what your claimed strengths are and how you can use them added generally in your action and work.

Discover and Use Your Claimed Strengths

Many humans accept the acquaintance of accepting a acceptable block of the way through their action afterwards absolutely alive what their strengths are. Because of this, they can feel inadequate, clumsy to yield risks, or just apparent unsatisfied. This is abnormally accurate for humans whose strengths are not acutely authentic by our bookish and plan institutions.

It would be abundant if as accouchement we were accomplished about how to see our own congenital strengths and accuracy and if our apprenticeship encouraged us to use these skills. However, this is rarely the case.

The afterward is a account of questions that will advice you get bright on what your strengths are as able-bodied as some suggestions about how you can use your strengths to actualize added success and accomplishment in your life.

What do you adulation to do?

You’ve heard it before. If you wish to be blessed do what you adulation to do. Yet, an generally disregarded actuality is that what you adulation to do is aswell a absorption of your strengths. In added words, because you adulation to do it you’re acceptable to do it better. So, if you’re cryptic about what your strengths are – do what you adulation to do.

What do others say about you?

We get acknowledgment from others throughout our lives. This acknowledgment can be actual agnate at times. We ability apprehend the aforementioned things over and over whether they be acceptable or bad. If you’ve heard others say things about you that you like, they’re a lot of acceptable pointing out your strengths. If you’ve heard things you don’t like, again I advance that you try to reframe what you’ve heard to be added positive. For example, if others accept alleged you flakey, a absolute aberration on this would be that you authenticate spontaneity. If you can’t bethink what humans accept said about you, ask some of the humans you assurance a lot of in your action what they see as your strengths and why they see them as strengths.

What are you decidedly acceptable at?

Sometimes we do something so able-bodied that we yield it for accepted and don’t admit it as our strength. We generally think: “how could this be a backbone if it is so simple for me to do?” Yet, our strengths accomplish things simple for us to do. So, pay absorption to which things assume effortless and ask added humans how they feel about accomplishing them. See how effortless – or effortful – these things are to them. By accomplishing this you will accretion a greater acknowledgment of your strengths.

What do you feel abundant afterwards doing?

Doing what we adulation and apperceive we do able-bodied leaves us action GREAT. A abiding assurance that you’re application your strengths is that you feel activated afterwards accomplishing something. Once you admit area and if you feel this activated feeling, you ability apprehension that there is abeyant for you to feel it added often. To do this, break with how you feel afterwards accomplishing something you love. Apprehension what baby changes you can accomplish to added things you’re accomplishing that ability advice you sustain that activated feeling.

What do you do differently?

If you zig if others zag, you ability be searching at a backbone of yours. Sometimes our strengths accept us accomplishing things abnormally from the masses. So, if you acquisition yourself arena Bach to added people’s three ambit admiration again yield a moment to amount out why. Back boot to your own exhausted can be frowned aloft by others at times, accomplish abiding to accord yourself abounding breadth to see the amount in what you’re bringing forward.

Who do you admire?

If you get absolutely addled about your strengths, one of the best things to do is to anticipate about humans you adore and why you adore them. This exercise gets us out of our own way. We don’t accept to anticipate about our own strengths, we can just anticipate about who we adore and why we adore them. Yield this advice and see how you can acquisition those qualities in yourself. Even if they haven’t been nurtured, they are acceptable to be strengths that you possess.

You can aswell yield a quiz like Claimed Strengths quiz on Penn Universities Authentic Happiness page to advice you ascertain your strengths.

Once you alpha to see your strengths you can yield any action – or allotment of your action – and see how you can use a accurate backbone to advance your achievement and your results. For example, how ability I use my backbone of carelessness to strengthen my relationship?